If you’re looking to replace your old conventional windows with more energy efficient units, there is a wide variety of emerging new products which offer a number of benefits for homemakers like yourself. New innovations in technology like high performance glass and high quality frames help reduce your carbon footprint and lower your utility bills.

Want to Address Radiant Heat?

Just as in too much exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays can cause health related issues like cancer; it can also be harmful to valuables inside your home (think about the vinyl inside your car). Furniture that is repeatedly exposed to the rays of the sun often discolors over time, and the same applies to wood floors, pictures and so on. Energy efficient replacement windows use glass with Low E coatings which inhibit the transfer of radiant heat. Low E glass coatings work by reflecting or absorbing IR light (heat energy). The thickness of the Low E coating and the position in the window dictate how the window will perform.

How to Keep Condensation Out!

Condensation is caused when temperatures reach a variance between outside and inside causing condensation along your window sills. This in turn creates potential issues like the growth of mold, less than desirable musty smells and can potentially cause respiratory problems like asthma. Energy efficient windows reduce condensation by utilizing technologically advanced frames and special glass low e coatings.

How Energy Efficient Windows Help Reduce Energy Costs!

When it’s hot outside, energy efficient windows help reduce the amount of sunlight entering your home, thus lowering your cooling expense. Just the opposite is true in winter as these types of replacement windows reduce heat loss, resulting in improved insulation and warmer temps.

Some tips to consider when contemplating upgrading to energy efficient windows. Prior to ordering replacement units from a supplier, Husker Siding Windows & Roofing recommends the following tips – to afford you a better idea of what windows to buy for your home.

Tip 1 – Be Sure to Match Your Replacement Windows to Your Home’s Design!

The design of your home, its window sizes and direction are just some of the factors you should consider when purchasing replacement windows. Solar heat gain coefficients are important factors because the windows you should purchase varies by whether you live in warm versus cold regions. In warmer climates, you should select heavily glazed windows, especially if they’re facing south. Why? It allows you to take advantage of solar heat in colder temperatures. Just the opposite is true if you live in a colder region (facing north). In this case, you should install replacement windows which have a low solar heat gain coefficient.

Tip: In the Omaha area, we suffer from both extremes so having a window with features that can help you with both of these extremes is ideal.

Tip 2 – Select the Right Window Frames for Your Home

You want frames that do not expand or contract when the temperature changes. Insulation is key, so consider using either fiberglass or vinyl frames. These types of frames conduct less heat from the interior, so your home avoids losing heat. Wood frames, on the other hand, should be avoided if your home experiences high fluctuations in temperature. Alternatively, use wood laminate frames as they’re more efficient at reducing expansion and contraction in wide variances of temperatures.

Tip 3- What Type of Glass More Exactly Matches Your Geographical Location?

As we discussed to earlier, there are different types of glass in energy efficient replacement windows. You need to know which type of glass better fits your location, whether it’s in a predominantly warm or cold region. Homes in warmer regions should opt for tinted windows which offer improved insulation, helping to lower the U-factor. In colder regions, it’s best to select glaze glass as these help retain heat.

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