Have you noticed how very few homes are on the market this year? The Omaha Metro housing market is at an all-time low for percentage of homes for sale. For anyone tired of their current home, the options to move are extremely limited. In fact, there are really only two choices – build a new home or renovate your existing property. While both might seem like a huge undertaking, the option to renovate has a few perks.

Established Property

Your existing home has some built in efficiencies that you would need time and money to recreate in a new build. Your home has already been connected to major utilities, such as water, electricity and cable. Your major appliances including air conditioning, heater, water heater, laundry and kitchen are all installed and likely only need a checkup. These established and reusable necessities free up money to be used toward the exterior and physical appearance of the renovated property.


Your home is where you create memories and spend quality time with friends and family. Walking away from a first home or the home where your babies became toddlers and school aged can be emotionally tough. Instead, a good renovation project will find a way to revitalize your existing home and build on to those memories in the same space, but with a new shell and curb-appeal that will look like a new build.

A Sense of Accomplishment

You know that feeling when you just clean out your closet or your car? It’s like you have breathed new life into something that was dirty, cluttered and depressing to spend time in. Well, renovating the exterior of an older home is pretty much that same feeling multiplied by a thousand. The process of selecting new materials, colors, and design showcases your unique personal preferences. The final product will be the beautiful home that you are proud of.

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