The biggest reason to move to energy efficient replacement windows is a lower carbon footprint and reduced energy costs. As we become more aware of our environment and searching for ways to reduce our footprint, our first thoughts don’t necessarily begin with replacing those old conventional windows in our homes, but they are in fact one of the best ways to save money AND protect the environment. As an Omaha Window Replacement Company, we love energy efficient windows as they use less energy and lower your utility bills. Honestly, it’s a win-win scenario.

What to Look for in Energy Efficient Replacement Windows!

In order to select the correct replacement windows for your home, you need at least a basic understanding of what makes these windows more energy efficient. Among these are:

• Dual weather stripping
• Reflective window coating
• Insulated glass panels
• Warm edge spacers

All of these should comply with Energy Star certifications and manufacturing guidelines. Each are essential ingredients to keeping your heat or cooling bill low and providing less of a carbon footprint.

Mainframes can effect efficiency. When you combine a vinyl mainframe with low e glass like Solarban 60 or 70XL, you achieve greater efficiency. Low e glass is engineered to control solar heat gain. By further adding warm edge spacers, you can significantly reduce your energy expenditures by containing warm air when it’s cold outside and reducing solar heat gain when it’s hot outside.

Vinyl Window’s Benefits Compared to Wood!

Vinyl actually tends to be the better of two options when selecting between that and wood. While vinyl and wood both possess high insulating values, vinyl windows don’t splinter, crack, warp or need regular coats of paint. This attributes to a longer lifespan and less repair and maintenance over the lifespan of the window resulting in tangible savings as compared to wood.

Why You Should Choose Double Paned Windows!

For increased energy efficiency, double paned windows are often used. Double window panes with an argon gas helps reduce the heat flow through the two panes resulting in cost savings. The two panes are normally adhered to each other and to a warm edge spacer unit by using a sealant. Super spacers can also retard the formation of bacteria and mold, which is normally the result of condensation. By eliminating condensation, you drastically reduce the possibility of the development of fungi, viruses and mites – which often are the root causes of allergies, asthma, and respiratory infections.

Other Things to Consider In Energy Efficient Windows!

Fortunately, there are a variety of energy efficient replacement windows to select from, both in sizes and types. As an Omaha replacement window company, we recommend looking for windows that meet your home’s need, in terms of:

• Casement
• Single hung
• Double Hungs
• Custom shapes

Always look for replacement windows that are Energy Star certified so that you’ll get optimum energy savings AND the best long term value.

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