Thinking of replacing your old energy inefficient conventional windows? Installing energy efficient windows not only helps reduce your energy expense, but it also adds value to your home and helps the environment. It’s a great way to spruce up your home and save money.

Your first consideration should be to determine if you need to replace the entire window, including the frame or simply just the window itself. Of course, there’s the option of adding a new sash kit. As an Omaha Window Installation Company, we are providing our customers with the two common questions regarding window replacement. Please see below:

Looking to Replace the Full Window?

To receive maximum benefit in energy efficiency in your windows, do a full window replacement where the entire frame is removed and replaced with a new window and frame. Remove those old conventional windows and replace them with innovative materials, but be sure the fit is tight to minimize any air leakage around or through the frame. While this will cost more short term, it will offer the greatest cost savings for many years to come.

Keeping the Old Frame!

Alternately, you could just replace your old windows by leaving the frames, and then replacing the trim, side jambs and sash. Window jambs aren’t necessarily required but they are common on most new energy efficient replacement windows. As an Omaha Window Replacement Company, it’s worth noting that a jamb can be a weak point if not installed correctly, both in terms of leaks and security. In cases where old windows start to move unevenly or gaps develop around the window, replacing the jamb is a viable solution that certainly costs a lot less than replacing the full window and frame.

What If Your Windows Frames Are In Bad Shape?

If your Omaha windows frames are slightly out of square, a replacement window could be inserted into the opening to fix this problem, but if the frame is really out of square (warped), it’s recommended that you do a full frame and window replacement to maximize your energy efficiency. Of course, you could just replace the sash kit, but to do this, the frame has to be in excellent condition, or you’re wasting your time and money.

Energy Star Certification – Look for the Sticker!

To protect your investment in replacement Omaha windows, always check to see if they qualify for the Energy Star program. In short, Energy Star certified windows can help reduce home energy expenses by five to fifteen percent. This translates into lower greenhouse gases and it reduces your home’s carbon footprint.

The Energy Star program was developed to help consumers purchase energy efficient doors, skylights and windows. Essentially, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) the Department of Energy (DOE) launched the Energy Star certification to establish specific and measurable specifications. Energy Star windows make your home feel warmer in the winter and cooler when it’s hot outside. The end result? You’ll be doing your part in helping to conserve resources and protect the Earth.

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