If you are like us, you are concerned about how you can get this best bang for your buck.  Many times you can see and feel things you need to do with your home to achieve that bang for your buck.  Replacing your home’s windows could be just the right investment for you to make.  The reality is that replacing your windows truly is a wise investment that offers you one of the best resale value returns you can get with your house (read more here).

Because there are so many options when it comes to windows I want to focus on one particular window, one that “cranks” open: the casement window.  A casement window is popular in the Omaha window market for a few key reasons.

Why are Casement windows so popular in Omaha?

Casement windows come in many sizes and as hardware technology has improved so has appeal to these windows.  Casement windows are popular in many homes in Omaha today because they offer a clean view to the outside and offer excellent curb appeal as they are usually one large sash that looks like a picture window (a window that does not open) but in fact can crank open to allow air flow when desired.  For years, Omaha homeowners would replace their old wood or metal casement windows with new vinyl double hung windows because they wanted the ease of cleaning you get from double hung windows that tilt inside.  By doing so, they allow you to clean the outside glass surface while standing indoors.  I admit, it is a great feature and the benefit of staying indoors instead of outside on a ladder is easy, enjoyable, safer and more time efficient.  What most people don’t know is that many casement windows today offer their own unique improvement that allows for easy cleaning of the exterior glass too.

Improved innovative window hardware gives you options when replacing your windows

Because of the innovation that continues to be pushed in the window industry we now have many of the conveniences we desire with a number of different styled windows.  Casement windows are now able to compete with the “tilt in” double hung window for ease of cleaning.  This is accomplished with updated innovative “crank out” hardware.  This allows the window sash to not only crank open just like a door on hinges but as you open the sash it also slides toward the middle of the opening a few inches.  This movement gives you space to reach outside on both sides of the sash allowing you to clean the outside glass without having to climb a ladder.  Now, you have similar cleaning convenience like a double hung while maintaining the look you want to achieve on the exterior.

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