As Omaha Roofing Contractors, we understand the seriousness of taking care of your roof ventilation system. Have you or your family and friends ever experienced heat problems, moisture, or mold destruction in your homes? In order to keep your roof like new, roofing ventilation is exceptionally vital. In fact, quality roofing is paramount to your home’s upkeep and is a key ingredient in the building and maintenance of a house.

The Elements Need to be Evaluated

Elements like rain, snow, harsh winds, extreme heat and ice need to be addressed in roofing ventilation in order to protect everything in your home and you too. While a roof needs to be sturdy and durable, it also has to be simple and light enough to not get damaged or collapse. It’s important that you are sure in your choice of an Omaha roofing company.

The architecture of your home (mansard, gable, hip, flat, gambrel, etc.) must be compatible with the style of the roof you chose and with the area’s climate (hot, humid, snowy, windy, etc.).

Proper roofing ventilation is extremely important in all climates

As mentioned in our previous blog article ‘Attic Ventilation and Mold’ problems such as microbial growth can occur easily in a residence without proper ventilation. In the winter months, proper attic ventilation minimizes condensation and reduces the likelihood of mold and growth. In the summer months, the balanced systems allows the roof to breathe while lowering attic temperatures and cooling the roof deck (base) which helps reduce energy costs. At Husker Hammer Siding, Windows & Roofing we recommend selecting the proper Omaha Roofing Systems your first steps as correct ventilation pulls warm air out of the home while allowing cool air to come in, which creates a healthy exchange of air, keeping the air inside the residence fresh and clean. Below, we have provided some problems created by improper roof ventilation:

Some problems created by improper roof ventilation

• Building structures, paint and roof shingles tend to deteriorate at an accelerated pace once moisture and excessive heat builds up.
• Energy expenses go up, costing increased amounts of money when overheating forces the air condition units to work harder.
• Mildew and mold is created with moisture build-up, which then begins to grow bacteria (and smell), which is destructive and can cause breathing problems. This also costs a tremendous amount of money to repair.

There are three main types of roofing systems

Static Vents – If you use static vents, multiple units are required to cover the roof evenly. They are inexpensive, come in lots of sizes and shapes, are often used by professionals.
Turbine Vents – One problem with turbine vents is that they sometimes begin to squeak, but on the positive side, they’re easy to install. They’re affordable and they’ve been used for many years. One other drawback is that the amount of air moved depends on the speed of the wind surrounding that vent.
Ridge Vents – These types of vents have proven to be successful in 100 mph wind speeds, plus changes in wind direction have zero effect on their productiveness. They definitely have eye appeal and are slim. This design allows for an even distribution of air (air exchange).

Static, turbine and ridge vents each have their own benefits, and it’s very important to have the right system for you. Without proper roof ventilation, the consequences can be less than desirable. Hire a roofer you can rely on to keep your roof safe and strong and let your residence be the dream home you always wanted.

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