Earlier this month we discussed energy efficiency glass within windows. Replacing existing windows can be an overwhelming process with all the different types and options of windows. Today we will be providing a few benefits of Vinyl windows. While vinyl windows may look the same from 5 feet away, there is a big difference in the quality. Several vinyl windows offers superior benefits such as maintenance free, energy efficient, and economical. At Husker Siding, Windows and Roofing we recommend doing research regarding the products your looking to purchasing. When looking to replace existing windows the question isn’t “should I buy vinyl windows”, it’s “which vinyl windows should I buy”. As a Omaha Window Installation Company, we suggest reviewing the following questions when choosing a quality vinyl window company.

Is the manufacturer really manufacturing the window?

Many companies buy their extrusions (frame and sash parts) from other companies…some are even from overseas manufacturers. Always work with a window company that is “vertically integrated”; this means that they handle, and maintain quality control over, the entire manufacturing process in-house.

Is the Manufactor Vertically Intergrated?

All vinyl is NOT created equal. Vinyl, or more accurately, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is a complex combination of elements. Varying the mixture of these elements can greatly enhance, or diminish the base vinyl’s ability to withstand heat, the effects of UV rays and color change. As a rule of thumb, the vertically integrated manufacturer will produce a better quality base vinyl.

What’s inside your window?

If you’re considering replacing existing windows or buying new ones it’s extremely important to know what’s inside the window. When vinyl window frames and sashes are extruded, internal walls are formed inside the extrusion to provide strength and rigidity; the voids between these walls are called “chambers”. The chambers within a window provide dead air spaces that have a positive effect on the energy efficiency of the window, therefore, the more chambering a vinyl window has, the stronger and more energy efficient it will be.

We an Omaha Premier Window Installation Company, we explain what is insider our products. We offer a showcase to provide you a hands on experience with our products.

How is it assembled?

Vinyl window frames and sashes are assembled using two different methods: Mechanically fastened or heat welded. A mechanically fastened window is assembled with screws and sealed with caulk, this process is usually associated with lower-end windows and are more likely to develop leaks. The welding process actually fuses the connections together, this makes the window much stronger.

Conclusion: Call Husker Siding, Windows & Roofing Today

There are many things to consider when buying vinyl windows, vinyl composition and construction is very important, just as important are the glass options a company has to offer.we’ll leave that for another discussion. If you need assistance in picking windows seek advice Omaha Window Installation Company like Husker Siding, Windows and Roofing (402) 894-9525?

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