In our last blog we last wrote about the importance of roof ventilation and specifically about the issue of ice damning. We mentioned the real reason that ice damning occurs and we like to educate you as much as possible as to why. We told you its due a couple contributing factors: Proper attic insulation and ventilation. The best circumstance is to have both performing at their most efficient level. When it comes to ventilation there are many factors involved and that is where we can help. We understand the formulas that calculate the proper amount of ventilation needed for the most optimal performance of your roof and ventilation system. Those results allow us to plan the best products we can use for a proper balance of intake and exhaust. Both are important to create a circulation of air to flow inside your attic space. That airflow allows warm, moist air to exit the attic out of the top of the roof keeping the environment the way it is supposed to be reducing the chance of needing an unexpected Roof Replacement.

The Hidden Damage Occurring in Our Attic

Without this proper air flow, the attic temperature rises, causing problems. Ice damning is the most obvious and dramatic problem. However some other problems can arise that take longer to get noticed. Because of a lack of airflow and a rise in temperature you are in all likelihood shortening the lifespan of your shingles. Shingles take a beating from mother nature. Frankly, they are designed to take a beating and hold up for many years to typical weather ultimately protecting your home. However, shingles are not designed to take that beating from the other side, your attic. The attic isn’t supposed to heat the shingle but that is exactly what poorly ventilated attics do. This causes the shingle to “decay” at a faster rate which ultimately shortens it’s lifespan of protecting your house. Another problem that warm air in attics brings with it is moisture. If your home continues to leak warm moist air into the attic space and isn’t properly ventilated then that moisture gets trapped inside the attic. In the same way high temperatures reduce the lifespan of the shingle, moisture causes the same “decay” of your wood framing and sheeting inside the attic. That moisture also damages the insulation in your attic which causes it to perform at a lesser level.

Houses In Omaha Have Attic Moisture Problems!

Many homes in the Omaha area have an additional moisture problem in their attic. It is caused by the bathroom fans. Bathroom fans should vent that warm moist air caused from showering and bathing out of the bathroom and continue up a vent stack and exit out of the roof. However that is unlikely in most Omaha houses and instead those fans simply blow that moist warm air into the attic. As we explained above, without proper ventilation that warm moist air stays in the attic and adds to the problem.

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The long term solution for all of these problems is a properly ventilated attic. You can accomplish this with a free roof assessment from Husker Siding Windows & Roofing. One of our trained and “Air Vent” certified Sales Consultants can calculate the proper amount of venting needed for your Omaha roof and help provide products and solutions that can stop your problem before it comes back again. We would love to help you sleep easier at night knowing you don’t have to worry about your roof. Call us today at (402) 894-9525 or see our “Contact Us” page and fill out an estimate request form. We can help.