As an Omaha Roofing Company, we understand the importance of taking care of your attic ventilation system. Omaha roofing contractors can attest to a number of links between attic ventilation and mold such as missing or inadequate insulation, poor attic ventilation, aging or poor installation of roofing materials and ice damming. There’s a general consensus by experts in building science and by Husker Siding, Windows and Roofing that correct attic ventilation is the only way to go. Proper attic ventilation helps prevent microbial growth, maximizes roofing materials life expectancy and helps remove potentially adverse gases (via the stack effect).

When your attic is properly ventilated, it helps to lower the risk of structural deterioration by protecting the roof’s decking (base) and wood rafters from rot and moisture damage. In some cases, home owners will not know what type of ventilation system they had installed until there is a structural problem. Luckily, there are certain rules and regulations put in place to keep attic space ventilation proper for the health of you and your family. The International Building Code, BOCA National Building Code, Uniform Building Code and Standard Building Code are a few that require attic space to be ventilated correctly.

What are the Code Requirements?

Code generally requires the (net free) ventilating area for attic vents to be at a 1:150 ratio (minimum) of the space in the attic. If the attic vents are balanced, this rate can be adjusted to 1:300. Even though some ventilation requirements are more than 60 years or older, they’re still considered by some Omaha roofing companies to be more than adequate.

How does the Ventilation Work!

In a balanced attic, the temperature variance between the attic space and the outside air helps control the structural integrity of the roof, lowering moisture accumulation. This will extend the life of your roof and improves overall energy efficiency.
What Happens to Attic Ventilation in the Winter Months?

In cooler months, attic ventilation helps lower attic humidity. This minimizes condensation and reduces the likelihood of mildew growth and mold. Efficiency is reduced if condensation dampens and compacts the roofing insulation; heat is lost as the heating system is forced to work harder due to less than efficient insulation. There’s a dramatic reduction in attic temperature with the correct ventilation. As a plus, after the sun goes down, attic temps will drop much faster.

It is extremely important to reduce the accumulation of moisture. When cool, fresh air enters through the vents in the eaves or soffit, and the stale, hot air is allowed to escape via a ridge vent installed under the ridge cap shingles; this ensures structural integrity and results in a correctly ventilated attic.

Why is Proper Ventilation Important in the Summer Months?

In warmer months, a balanced system allows the roof to breathe. This lowers attic temperatures and cools the roof deck (base) which results in a cooler attic and reduced energy costs. Why? Accumulated attic heat is dissipated quickly and air-conditioning equipment doesn’t have to compensate for desert-like attic temperatures for long hours. An example of an improperly vented attic would be where the outside temperature was ninety degrees, the rooftop is at one hundred and seventy degrees and then the attic is at one hundred sixty five degrees. In a balanced attic ventilation system these numbers are greatly reduced and should result in the outside temperate is ninety degrees, the rooftop is at one hundred and seventy degrees, and the attic temperature would be only one hundred twenty degrees.

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