As homeowners, many of us see the end of a heavy storm as our cue to head outside and clean up. We stand the garbage cans back up, clear fallen branches, and make sure our yards haven’t taken a beating.

But it’s important to remember that the worst storm damage isn’t always the easiest to see. You may have to go looking for it. During storm season, be prepared to inspect your roof periodically. The earlier you identify roof damage, the sooner you can contact a qualified roofing contractor to provide necessary repairs.

Not sure what to look for? Use these tips.

Inside: Begin in the attic, if it’s accessible, during the daytime. Use a flashlight wherever necessary.


Outside: Walk around your house, examining as much of the roof as you can see from the ground for signs of damage, like these:

Up the ladder: If you are comfortable climbing a ladder and you can do so safely, you can get a better look at your roof up close. Look for:

Climb safely or not at all: When using a ladder, remember the three-point rule: keep two hands and one foot, or two feet and one hand, on the ladder at all times. Keep ladders — and yourself — away from power lines. Remember: wet branches conduct electricity, too. If you are not completely comfortable using a ladder, wait for a professional.

If you find damage: Call a local, reputable roofing contractor right away. After storms, you may receive solicitations from unfamiliar contractors looking for work. Husker Hammer has served the Omaha area for 20 years and is licensed and insured. The sooner you address storm damage to your roof, the more secure your roof, family, and valuables will be for the next storm.