Roof damage may be on your mind after a big hail or wind storm, but usually it sits way up there on top of the house, protecting everything you own, forgotten. Roofs don’t break, they break down. Years of blistering heat, heavy rains and snow load cause shingles to crack and peal and sealants to fail leaving your home vulnerable to the outside elements. Minor issues, like recaulking, can be nipped in the bud by doing a semi-annual inspection, this will also allow you to stay on top the overall condition of the system…because it isn’t a matter of “if” your roof will have to be replaced, it’s “when”.

Keep an eye out for the following issues when inspecting your roof:

Abnormal Shingle Appearance.

Cracked, curled and balding shingles are the biggest signal that a roof is coming to the end of its useful life. These are also signs that you may need additional ventilation, which we will talk about later.

Missing Shingles or Flashing.

As your roof ages and starts breaking down, it becomes more susceptible to damage from random high wind events. If you start seeing shingles blowing off on a regular basis, it is definitely time to look at replacing it.

Roof Damage.

A falling tree branch can damage even a brand new roof. Many times, if handled promptly, these issues can be resolved with a quick repair.

Inadequate Venting.

This is a very common problem, as a matter of fact, most systems in our area do not have adequate venting. Roofs require at least 1 square foot of venting (equal parts intake and exhaust) for every 150 square feet of attic area. Improper venting allows excessive heat to build up in your attic, prematurely aging the shingles and underlayment.

Remember, keeping a good roof over your head helps protect one of your biggest investments, your home. If you see something that just doesn’t look right, but you aren’t sure if it’s a problem, seek the advice of a qualified roofing professional.

When it comes time to replace your roof, whether its due to storm damage or age, give the team at Husker Hammer a call. Licensed and insured, we offer industry-leading warranties, and are committed to providing peace of mind for our homeowners.