If you have read any of our above blogs you may be thinking: “How could they still be blogging about roof and attic ventilation”. The answer is simple. As one of the best Omaha roofing companies, we understand there is a lot to learn regarding roofing and attic ventilation. We strive to provide our customers with expertise information to help prevent ice damning or reduce the chances of an unexpected emergency repair. The first part of our mission statement is to “Empower the customer”. As Omaha Roofing Contractors, we do that through educating the customer. With that said, let’s talk about how attic spaces get cooler fresh air inside the space.

What Kind of Attic & Roof Vents do I have?

If you talk to three different roofers you may get three different answers. As a Premier Omaha Roofing Company, ours is simple. You can install all the different kinds of roof vents you want, but in order to accomplish the results those vents are designed to achieve, you have to get cool fresh air into the attic in the first place! Your house accomplishes this most effectively through soffit (or overhang) vents – see picture above. These vents are typically at the lowest point of your attic space. Without them present or working properly, you aren’t getting the cooler air to enter the attic space ultimately replacing the warmer moister air that is flowing (exhausting) out the top of the roof.

Is my attic getting fresh air?

So why wouldn’t this be happening in your attic as you read this? Some of the main reasons are simple.

1) You may not currently have vents in your overhangs

2) You may have vents but they could be clogged with dirt or insulation from inside your attic or

3) You don’t have overhangs on your house and therefore do not have obvious opportunities to create intake vents. We can help you with any of the above reasons and many others.

How do I know my best option for attic ventilation?

Where do you begin? Part of the problem is fear. We understand that. We understand you may be afraid of what you find out so rather than deal with the issue you ignore it. However, your specific problem could be easy to resolve while others require a professional Omaha Roofing Expert to look at what the problem is but also recommend what can be done to help fix the problem. At Husker Hammer Siding Windows & Roofing we are more than happy to come out and give you a free professional consultation and assess what your problems may or may not be.

How Husker Hammer Siding, Windows & Roofing Can Help!

We understand the importance of air intake to your roof and your pocketbook. As an Omaha Roofing Expert, we can recommend to you what needs to be done, what should be done and what can be done. All of which can be different strategies with different costs. If you feel this topic is something you would like to understand more we urge you to call us to discuss the importance of this ventilation and help you save money on your heating and cooling bills as well as aid your roof system in performing for as long as it can. Husker Hammer Siding Windows & Roofing: (402) 894-9525.