The reality is, we live in a world where now, more than ever, you need to get your biggest bang for every dollar you spend. Whether it’s at the gas station, the grocery store, or a needed home improvement, you need to have the highest Return On your Investment (ROI) you can get. We understand. We relate. As a locally owned and operated company, our team feels the same way. We understand most people aren’t looking to throw spare money they have into their house, especially when it’s for items that were not planned. Today, we will be discussing the importance of proper roof ventilation to help reduce a costly roof repair or replacement.


The hidden damage can cost a fortune!

Did you know that the vast majority of roofs in the Omaha area are not properly ventilated? Unfortunately, not having the proper ventilation can cause multiple problems such as inefficient energy costs, physical damage to the exterior of a roof, and internal house structure. The problems literally multiply when its winter due to the fact that you do not see the damage until it is too late. During winter we tend to hibernate, forgetting to perform maintenance check on the roof, siding or windows. The most common and more noticeable damage is called ice damning, and when it is left unnoticed it can become a costly problem. Not only will you end up with a hole in your roof, you could also end up with a hole in your wallet!

How the Damage Happens!

Without properly vented and insulated attic space you are literally throwing money into the air. Your attic space can become too warm due to your heated air space inside your home rising and leaking into your attic space. From there, if your roof and overhangs do not have the proper ventilation, then your attic temperature will rise. That allows the snow on your roof to melt. This sounds like a good thing however as that snow, which is now water, runs down the roof it eventually reaches the overhang. Overhangs are colder than the rest of the roof because they are not sitting above a warmer attic but are rather hanging over cold air. That cold temperature change allows the water to freeze again.
As more and more water continues down the roof and into the gutters of your cold overhang it continues to refreeze and build up a frozen block which grows until it has literally turns into a dam (See pictures). Now the real trouble begins. Water will continue melting above the attic space and flowing down to the overhang only to be trapped with no way to get passed the blocked up gutter. The water now has only one place to go: into the roof, the sheeting, and in most cases down the wall on the inside of the house where it finally has the opportunity to continue its flow with the help of gravity.

How to Minimize Damage and Prevent Future Damage!

Now what? A bucket, towels, a mop? You will probably need them but that isn’t stopping the problem. If you are already to this point the best advice we can give you is to try and diminish as much of the damage as you can. You can do this by removing the snow from the roof. That can be difficult, and in many cases, dangerous. There is a tool known as a snow roof rake available at most local hardware and home improvement stores. These are glorified shovels with long handles that allow you to pull the snow down and then off the roof. They are specifically designed to be used on roofs, unlike snow shovels you use on your driveway or sidewalk. Using a snow shovel on your roof could damage your roof shingles. Using the roof rake can significantly help you with the immediate problem.

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The better, longer term solution is a properly ventilated attic. Having that combats the issue all together so you are not allowing the problem to occur. This can be accomplished with a free roof assessment from Husker Siding Windows & Roofing. One of our trained and “Air Vent” certified Sales Consultants can calculate the proper amount of venting needed for your roof and help provide solutions that can stop your problem before it comes back again. We would love to help you sleep easier at night knowing you don’t have to worry about your roof the next time it snows. Call us today. We can help. (402) 894-9525