roofing contractor omaha | Husker Siding, WIndows & Roofing | 402.894.9525Here at Husker Siding, Windows and Roofing we are often asked about the difference between box (turtle) vents and ridge venting. Box vents are those square boxes that stick out of your roof about 2 feet down from the peak, they are still the most commonly used exhaust vents on residential roofs. Omaha Roofing Companies have seen an increase of sales for Ridge venting.  Ridge Venting has become more popular in recent years because of it’s advantages over the box vent:

More Complete Venting

Many times, when I’m doing a roof inspection, I’ll see a great deal of blistering and breakdown of the ridge shingles even if the rest of the roof is in reasonably good shape. As I mentioned, the box vents set down from the peak of the roof, this allows hot air to remain trapped in the top 1-2 feet of the attic space. Ridge venting is installed in the peak of the roof, so all hot, humid air is exhausted from the attic.

Less Visible

Ridge venting only protrudes from the roof about an inch and is covered with the ridge shingles, almost invisible, giving your roof a much cleaner look. If you have to install box vents because of the design of your roof, we will always use a painted vent that will blend in.

More Consistent Venting

It is possible, even with the proper amount of venting, for an attic to have “dead air” spaces. Because it stretches the length of the peak, air is exhausted more evenly over the span of the ridge vent.

Proper Venting of Vaulted Ceilings

Vaulted ceilings are difficult to vent because there is no attic space between the roof sheeting and the interior drywall. When used in conjunction with continuous soffit venting, ridge venting allows for air movement through all the rafter spaces within a vaulted ceiling.
While it is not always possible to use it, most roofs can be retrofitted with ridge vent.

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