As an Omaha Home Owner experiencing any home improvement construction can turn your house into a messy construction site. It seems each day you leave for work the house is torn up inside and outside yet the source of this mess, your roofing, siding and windows contractor, is nowhere to be found. You get to work and leave him a message in the morning. Another message during lunch. Then you come home from work only to see the messy piles have moved or even worse all looks the same as when you left for work in the morning. Many of our blogs you have read focus on specific problems that can occur while owning your home. While we hope our articles have been helpful we also understand it can be scary when having to choose a contractor to help you with your needs.

Where do I start when choosing the right contractor?

While we obviously want you to call us, Husker Hammer Siding, Windows & Roofing, to help you with your needs we understand you may not know us yet and that can be scary. Start with whose opinion you trust the most. Typically a relative, close friend or perhaps a neighbor. These people are clearly your best source because you know them well. You can trust them to give you good advice. We do the same thing. Usually out of this group of trusted people you can get advice on who to hire and many times who you should not hire. However, if you do not have these resources or they don’t have a recommendation for you then where do you go?

Who are the Reputable Contractors in Omaha?

There are many resources to find the right contractor for your needs. Often times you can find many of the resources on the internet. Those resources have expanded at high rates over the past few years. You can now simply ask “Google” what you need and it will find it for you almost instantly. Realistically, it is probably how you found our blog page. While this resource gives you lots of information you still aren’t sure which ones you can trust. For that reason, we recommend a source like the Better Business Bureau. They can help you recommend siding, window & roofing contractors within Omaha that are proven to be reputable by giving you a summary report of each contractor. The BBB gives you summary reports of contractors. These contractors get a report card grade depending upon many factors.

Key factors to look for while trying to choose a company to call:

1) How long has the company been in business?

2) Is the company a registered contractor in Nebraska?

3) Is the company insured?

4) Do they actually have an office and/or showroom?

5) How many filed complaints does the company have with the BBB?

6) If you call the company, do they actually answer phone?

Keep these factors in mind and do your research. If you are happy about what you hear and what you see from your potential contractor as well as the above listed factors you will be more confident about your selection of contractor. Call Husker Hammer Siding Windows & Roofing, (402) 894-9525 for your next home improvement project. But be sure to check our rating with the BBB and that we pass the test of the above factors listed.