Husker Hammer Siding, Windows & Roofing is excited to partner with Habitat for Humanity. We are providing and installing siding for a home in Waterloo starting next week. The Habitat project is a win all the way around. We plan on having volunteers from a variety of Husker positions. This will give us an invaluable opportunity to cross-train and see things from unique perspectives. We can give our sales and office staff a new appreciation for what actually happens in the field and our install team a chance to show off some of their skills. We also believe in what Habitat does for the community. It gives the recipient a chance at affordable home ownership. I have met the new homeowner. She is very excited to get moved in and has her sleeves rolled up and is elbow deep in the construction. She still had her nail apron on when she came into our office to pick out colors. It is very rewarding for us to contribute to a greater cause. As our mission statement reads, we want to give back out of our many blessings. What a great opportunity to support our neighbors!

If you would like to learn how to help or volunteer for Habitat for Humanity Click Here.

Click here to see the finished product. Great job team!