Roofing Craftsmanship Standards

We put our customers at ease by taking all the risk out of choosing a contractor. We pledge to bring transparency, specificity and accountability to an ambiguous industry. Greater clarity and detail protect our customers interests by aligning expectations with specifications.

Our Process

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Company sign in the yard
Landscaping, yard & driveway protected with tarps
Walls protected with tarps or plywood
Gutters and fascia protected with pads

Tear Off
Only shingles that can be replaced the same day are removed
Roof torn off completely down to plywood
Bad plywood & framing replaced
New plywood is installed using H-clips

All underlayment is flat and wrinkle free
Felt overlap – 2″ (4″ on synthetic)
Felt end lap – 4″ (2′ on roof pitch of 4/12 or less)
Two layers of felt for roof pitch between 2/12 – 4/12
Ice & water overlap – 3″
Ice & water end laps – 6″
Ice & water extends 24″ past the interior warm wall ine
Ice & water ran vertically up every valley

W-valley flashing overlap – 1′
D-style flashing overlap – 2″
D-style flashing is installed over underlayment
Gutter flashing overlap – 2″
Gutter flashing is installed under underlayment
Clean and sealed pipe boot or pipe jack
Vent pipe heights are not shortened

Starter course shingle at eaves
6 nails per laminate shingle in nailing area
nails are flush with shingle – Not cutting through
Nails penetrate sheeting at least 3/4″
Ridge vent nails are 2 1/2″
Exposed nails are caulked
Exposed nails do not exceed more than 1 per square
Nails should not protrude through plywood when visible from underneath
Course lines variance less than 1/8″
Shingle ends cut flush with d style flashing
Shingles hang over gutter flashing 1/4″
3?4″ gap between shingles and vents, pipes, stacks, etc.
Valley installed with starter course method
3″ gap between shingles and centerline of w-valley
Shingles are sealed to w-valley flashing with cement
Pipes painted to match color of roof flashing
Ridge vent device installed to end of rakes but cut left 2′ from end
Pads used to protect new shingles
Tarp over any incomplete work before overnight or rain

Clean Up
Jobsite cleaned daily
Clean gutters
Clean roof
Spotless property and surrounding property
Entire property swept for nails with magnet
Leftover material stacked neatly
Leftover material removed