GlassMaster® 3-Tab Shingles

The GlassMaser® fiberglass 3-tab shingle offers exceptional performance and value while providing long-lasting durability. GlassMaster® roofing shingles provide homeowners proven stability combined with an appealing traditional look. One of the many benefits of selecting 3-tab shingles is that virtually any color scheme requirement can be satisfied with the wide selection of designer colors from Atlas®. Other popular benefits include the 30-year Limited Warranty and Atlas’ unmatched quality standards. If you are looking for peace of mind, look no further than this resilient line of 3-tab shingles. GlassMaster® 3-tab shingles provide 60 mph Limited Wind Warranty protection to ensure the integrity of your home against the elements. And since looks are always important, GlassMaster® is an algae resistant shingle built to help inhibit algae growth over the life of your roof. No more ugly black streaks ruining your curb appeal after the installation of these 3-tab shingles.

GlassMaster® Shingle Colors

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